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Acupuncture for painful periods

A recent study in Australia and New Zealand has demonstrated that acupuncture is beneficial for the treatment of dysmenorrhea.   More than half of all women suffer with painful periods.  This trial focused on women between the age…
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Hot Stones Massage, Why it is so good for you in winter

There are many benefits from receiving a hot stone massage. At Quay Health in Sydney’s Circular Quay, it is one of our favourite massages.  Here we’re going to discuss just how good it is for you.  If it’s something that you’ve been…
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How to have healthy feet this winter

Winter is officially here and there a few things that you can do to keep your feet healthy this winter! Footwear Remember to make sure that you are wearing the correct footwear. In the colder months we are usually wearing more enclosed…
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Eat your way calm - psychobiotics and the gut brain connection

A new and exciting era in the treating of mental illness could be upon us! I have blogged before about the gut and its affect on our mental state. Though, now money is now being put into research of this fascinating subject. With the gut-brain…
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I feel stable, should I keep getting adjusted?

I feel stable, should I keep getting adjusted?   The short answer is of course! Chiropractic adjustments are much more than just getting rid of pain. Whilst pain is what gets most people through our door, it is usually not the greatest…
insomnia treatment acupuncture Quay Health Sydney CBD
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If only I could get some sleep

Michelle always felt tired and sleepy in the day time, because she could not sleep at night. It usually took her more than 1 hour to fall asleep, and sometimes even the whole night until 5-6am, even though she was really sleepy. Daniel a…