Why would anyone want to learn to hypnotise themselves?

Why would anyone want to learn to hypnotise themselves?

Why would anyone want to learn how to hypnotise themselves?

Have you have ever felt overly anxious, stressed and lacking in confidence, overcome by change or a relationship ending, wondering why you keep over eating or lacking the motivation to exercise even though you know ‘consciously’ that you will feel great afterward? The list of issues is infinite and so are the possible solutions. Neuroscience tells us that we can change our brain by utilising some tried and true techniques and it is much easier than you would expect. One of the greatest benefits of Self Hypnosis is that there is no possibility for a ‘one size fits all solution’. The solution will be generated by the unconscious mind and will be truly unique to each individual and each situation or issue.


sunshineSelf Hypnosis is actually any technique which can be utilised to bring your own mind into a natural
state of focus and absorption, at will. Mindfulness and meditation achieve the same thing but there
is a fundamental difference. Self Hypnosis incorporates purpose and intention to focus the
unconscious mind into providing not only a deeply relaxed and therefore anxiety and stress free
state of being but it also provides the means by which you can find your own unique solutions to
whatever you consider to be a problem or a goal that you wish to achieve.

A qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist can help you do the same thing and will often teach and suggest various Self Hypnosis techniques in a private session as ‘take home tools’ to extend and consolidate your desired outcome.The benefits of practising some fundamental techniques are outstanding and can give immediate and profound results.

Quay Health’s Hypnotherapist Antonella Franchini is so passionate about the benefits of Self Hypnosis that she is offering a complimentary  introduction to the easiest and most effective techniques that she has witnessed and which have worked for her clients over many years in practise.
It’s a win win. Come along and meet Antonella without the pressure of having to address a ‘specific issue’ or disclose any personal stuff. You can experience first hand how easy it is to enter a self induced trance and be able to comfortably and easily utilise these amazing skills at home or at work whenever you need or want.


Quay Health’s Introduction to Self Hypnosis is running on Thursdays from 5.15pm to 6pm in February.  Places are limited so you will need to book by calling us on 9252 2825 or email us at info@quayhealth.com.au