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Neck Pain? You need an Osteopath in SydneyNeck Pain? You need an Osteopath in Sydney

What did you expect? You’ve been staring at your screen for hours! Your head is hunched forward, you’ve barely moved, and the muscles that are holding your head in place are simply fatigued- plain and simple. Is it any  wonder you’re in pain!

Neck pain is something that most of us will experience at some stage in our lives, however if you work behind a screen- it’s quite probably a daily if not weekly experience.

First of all the good news- chances are the pain you’re experiencing is simply ‘muscle fatigue’ pain- the muscles that hold your head up have simply reached their limit, and pain is their way of telling you to get up and move!

Take the hint- take more regular breaks, use a greater variety of positions when you do your work, and you’ll quite likely find that the pain you experience reduces.


If however the pain doesn’t go away, is present frequently, or is impacting your ability to focus on your work- maybe it’s time to get some help?!

If neck pain is affecting your day, you need to talk to an Osteopath.

Osteopaths are primary health care professionals who help people with neck pain  , back pain, joint pain, and a whole range of other aches and pains.

If you’re in Sydney, you’ll want to find an Osteopath in Sydney who can assess your neck and back, and determine what can be done to put and end to your aches and pains.

In summary- take more breaks, don’t put yourself in awkward work positions, and if pain persists, find an Osteopath!



I’m in pain, do I go to a Physio or a Chiro?

I’m in pain, do I go to a Physio or a Chiro?


Throughout my years in practice, I quite frequently get asked this question. So I thought I would blog about it this week, and clear up a few misconceptions, at least from the chiropractic end. I would like to start by saying that contrary to popular belief, chiro’s and physio’s do like each other and get along very well! The truth is, each has a special part to play and neither can think of doing the work of the other.


chiro or physio, Quay Health Chiropractor Sydney CBD Circular Quay Dr Aline DahdahI have patients that I have suggested see a physio in addition to the work that I do with them. Physio’s help with rehabilitation exercises post injuries, after I have worked on their spinal alignment. Physio’s do a great job in prescribing strengthening and reconditioning exercises, muscle release, stretching and joint mobilisation.


My area of expertise is in the human spine and improving the communication between the brain and the rest of the body. I do this by removing interference along the spine. People typically come in for low back pain, sciatica, headaches, neck and shoulder pain which can result from sitting too long at their desks. My job is to find misalignments of joints along the spine and remove them. This takes pressure off joints, reduces inflammation around nerves and allows muscles to relax and start working properly again. If a patient has a chronic (long standing) condition, they would really benefit from strengthening exercises.


In my practice, I focus on posture correction. I correct posture by releasing stuck tissue deep within the spine and then realigning joints along the spine. After that, strengthening exercises are recommended and seeing a physio is a great idea! I don’t claim to be able to properly guide a rehabilitation program and so referring to someone who does it very well is a must. Similarly, purely strengthening muscles around the spine isn’t the complete answer either, so looking at spinal alignment is necessary too.


So the answer is this. If you are in pain, or not, you need to find the therapy that best works for you. Both have great roles to play, and I would consider seeing both.


Chiropractic has also been used for years as preventative alternative medicine, and in my opinion, getting a spinal assessment early, before pain, is a great idea. You could learn a lot about your body and see how great your body was designed feel. It is not necessary to be in pain to see one of us. So care for your spine. It is the only one you have. Never stop looking for answers or the therapy that will give you the best results. There are many, great quality practitioners out there, be it physio’s or chiro’s. It is your job to find the right one, and what works best for you.


Dr Aline Dahdah


Quay Health

Dr Aline Dahdah Chiropractor Quay Health Sydney CBD

How to sit at your desk

How to sit at your desk

posture wedge, how to sit at your desk, quay health chiropractor aline dahdah sydney cbd

The buzz in Quay Health this week was around the arrival of our brand new ABCA seat wedges! The question was “how will this help my posture at my  desk?” These wedges that look like flattened out triangles, are designed to be sat on, with the fatter part under your bottom and the thinner part trailing down your thighs. They are designed this way to help change the structure of your lower back into the natural curve. When this happens the upper part of your back then naturally sits in it’s correct curve and makes it difficult to slouch. By tilting the hips, your joints stack as they were designed to. The posture wedge allows you to sit in a correct posture without much effort on your part.


To ensure that you get the full benefits of the seat wedge, make your desk space posture friendly. Bring your keyboard, mouse and telephone closer so that your elbows are positioned close to the sides of your body. In this way, when you get lazy at your desk it will be harder for you to slouch forward than if your elbows were a lot further away from your body.


Always remember to keep your screen around eye level and avoid keeping things you reach for too far away! Nothing beats postural breaks, so drink plenty of water to ensure those frequent toilet breaks, which give you a chance to stretch your legs and your spine!


Happy correct sitting every one!


Dr Aline Dahdah Chiropractor Quay Health Sydney CBD

Dr Aline Dahdah, Chiropractor


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Unrolling your neck, over a towel

In our modern lives hunched over computers and screens of varying sizes, at Quay Health we are noticing an increase in neck pain and loss of the natural curve of the neck.  You are probably wondering what you can do to compensate for this.


Bent over a computer at Quay Health Sydney

A simple exercise to do at home is to roll up a towel, lie down on a firm surface with it under your neck and then let your head drop slowly over the towel.  Relax and take some deep breathes into your abdomen.  This allows your neck to relax and help to restore it’s gentle forward curve.  It takes the pressure off the muscles in your neck and shoulders, especially those little suboccipitals which connect the head to the neck and can be a cause of headaches.  You may not be aware that the further your head travels forward in your daily tasks the heavier it becomes.  This adds additional stress to the joints of the neck that don’t appreciate the additional load.  For example a women’s head weighs approximately 5kgs and this can be increased to up to 11.5kgs depending on how far the head is forward.  This leads to tightening of the shoulders, neck and head pain, fatigue and postural problems.


Below is a video of Dr Marti Harris, Quay Health’s Chiropractor, talking about how to do a rolled towel stretch for your neck and the benefits.