Custom Orthotics Vs Store Bought

Custom Orthotics Vs Store Bought

Unlike store bought inserts, custom orthotics are developed professionally with a personalised fit.

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Often, patients experience quicker pain relief and recovery with a custom product for their unique concern. Additionally, materials and in-shoe fit can be determined within your preferred shoes.

Activity levels and body mass are also  taken into account when ordering custom orthotics, as is asymmetry and unusual anatomy. Plus, necessary modifications are also included.


There are a number of benefits to ordering custom orthotics, but pain relief is the primary one. Knee and back pain particularly can be greatly improved when orthotic devices are used. 


Plus, you’ll be able to perform daily activities like standing and walking with minimal to no complaints of pain.


Custom orthotics are also designed to support the spine and help efficiently realign it. Ultimately, the daily use of orthotics helps to reduce symptoms in the long term and may assist in the reduction back pain.


Additionally, minor foot deformities such as bunions can be managed by using foot orthotic devices. 


Rigid orthotics are used to control the function of the foot and to reduce or altogether eliminate pain in the feet, legs and back. As the name suggests, rigid orthotic devices are made of firm materials such as plastic and are most commonly fitted tightly to the affected region.


If you don’t suffer from a medical condition, injury or deformity, you can still use orthotics to help with shock while performing high-impact activities like jogging, walking and running.


Ultimately, custom orthotics can help you get a personalised fit, eliminate pain, support your spine, aid foot deformities and improve your active lifestyle. 


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