Diets Don’t Work

All diets are based on food restriction in many different variations but nonetheless – restriction is the norm.

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In a recent article featured in the journal Scientific American , August 2015 author Charlotte Markey points to recent studies which have consistently revealed that dieting leads to weight gain.

Yes, weight gain.

Why is this so?

The unconscious mind will not be ignored and what we restrict using sheer willpower alone can and often will, lead to the “what the hell effect”. This is the thinking that says “I blew it by eating that one biscuit, so I may as well eat the pack and start again another day”. Research shows that the belief that one has violated their restrictive diet is enough to allow the abandonment of self control.
In hypnotherapy we call this the law of ‘positive attention’. This means that what you restrict or have to constantly think about will end up obsessing your thinking – you may even dream about whatever it is you are trying to eliminate. This leads to craving.

Try this little test –
1. Think of a monkey.
2. Don’t think of a monkey.
Still thinking of a monkey??

This can also be enormously stress inducing, as recent studies have also shown that dieting or even having to ‘watch’ your food or calorie intake can increase cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in our systems. This can also result in weight gain. Dieting appears to be counter-productive.
What should you do?
Slow and gradual changes work best, alongside positive mental affirmations. Gradual and sustainable change is what the latest research recommends.
This is where hypnotherapy with a Clinical Hypnotherapist can be enormously beneficial.

Clinical Hypnotherapist Antonella Franchini Quay Health Sydney CBD Circular QuayQuay Health’s Clinical Hypnotherapist, Antonella Franchini offers a very effective weight loss program using the power of hypnosis and encouraging gradual and lifetime behavioural changes without dieting.

NO DIETS and gradual sustainable weight loss is possible.

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