From tired to terrific, how improving your posture can improve your life

Let me introduce you to John.  John is a 59 year old executive who was starting to feel much older than 59, his posture, strength and confidence were declining rapidly and he felt he was heading towards old age.  His wife was very concerned about his ongoing aches and pains as well as signs of depression.


Poor Posture at Quay Health SydneyJohn came to Quay Health looking for help with this chronic neck and shoulder pain, he didn’t expect just how many other facets of his life would improve by starting chiropractic care and working on his posture and improving his core strength.


When we looked at John’s posture with the help of our postural assessment examination we discovered that Johns head which normally weighs 5.8 kg was 5.4 cm forward and based on the physics was now 18.4 kg in weight. John’s shoulders were  6.2 cm posterior and his thoracic spine was shifted 2 .1 cm right. His pelvis was lower on the left when viewed front to back.


John undertook our recommendations of regular chiropractic adjustments with an exercise program that was tailored to address his postural concerns and he has never looked back from there. Not only does he stand taller and upright , but he has a noticable improvement in lung expansion and ease of breathing, he has more energy


After 12 weeks the change in John has been extraordinary.  His wife actually rang us to say thank you, she says he is back to the same man he was in his early 40’s.  Not only is he in less pain, he is happier and more confident.  By improving his posture he was able to improve his outlook on life.


We know that posture, indeed postural fitness, is related to  efficient energy expenditure.  When we see clients with poor postural patterns they often complain of fatigue and lethargy.  Those who have great posture have more energy.  To maintain good posture the neuro-skeleteal-musclular system needs to be working together to hold the body upright against the forces of gravity as well as the stress and strain of our modern life.


Research shows us the people with poor thoracic posture use more oxygen and energy to breath.  When patients present with total postural collapse, the body uses more metabolic energy just to stay upright.  The use of more energy combined with lower oxygen levels has a negative effect on the overall health of a person.  Poor posture has also been linked to increased cortisol release, cortisol is the stress hormone that stimultes our nervous system and makes us feel agitated or on end, anxious and restless. This is the Fight or flight response system, great when we need to run away from a tiger but not great when it is stimulated all the time.


If you are concerned about chronic pain, lack of energy and declining health, then talk to your Quay Health principle Chiropractor Dr Marti Harris about our 12 Week Posture Health Program.  In 12 weeks we guarantee to take you from a crap posture to an amazing life.

Dr Marti Harris, Chiropractor, Quay Health Sydney Circular QuayDr Marti Harris, Chiropractor

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