Headaches, could Chiropractic help you overcome your headaches?

You’ve been having problems with headaches.  No amount of Panadol seems to lessen the pain.  You very well may need to visit a chiropractor.  Don’t let this alarm you.  There are thousands of people that visit a chiropractor each and every day.  They all get relief from a number of conditions.  Here we’re going to tell you what to expect if you do chose to go to a chiropractor for your headaches.


headache treatment at Quay Health Chiropractors Sydney CBDWhat’s causing your headaches?  Most of your headaches are caused by muscle tension in the neck.  The reason for this is quite simple.  Most people today live a sedentary lifestyle.  We spend more time now than ever before in a fixed position.  This causes joint irritation and tension.  Mostly in the neck, upper back and scalp.  This is what causes your head to hurt.


What can you do to relive the pain?  The very first thing you should do is get up every thirty to sixty minutes.  You’ll want to move around and do some stretches.  Make sure to focus on your neck and head areas.  After all, those are your problem areas.  You may even think about doing low-impact aerobics.  You can do these at the gym or at home.  You’re also going to want to avoid clenching your teeth.  That can be a major cause for headaches.  Don’t forget to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day.  This is to avoid dehydration.


The next question is a logical one.  How can a chiropractor help?  Quay Health Sydney’s Chiropractors help people with headaches every day. The most important thing a chiropractor can do is a gentle chiropractic adjustments.  These will improve spinal function and alleviate stress on your system.  Chiropractor  Dr Marti Harris says it can also help to make adjustments to your diet.  This may include possibly adding B complex vitamins and magnesium, Dr Marti can best advise you on your individual needs.  It’s important to realize that you need to attack your headaches from all angles.  This is the only way to guarantee success.


gentle headache treatment at quay health sydney chiropractor

The last few things a chiropractor can do will surprise most of you.  They’ll help you with your posture and even ergonomics.  That’s the posture you have while at work.  Your chiropractor should go through all the exercises that you should be doing.  They can even teach you relaxation techniques.  These are important for more than just your headaches.  These techniques will help calm you down.  Which can be a good thing towards evening when you need to unwind from a busy day.


A lot of people are fearful of chiropractors.  It’s because they’ve never actually been to one.  All they know are stories they’ve been told.  Headaches can and will ruin your life.  It’s more than just a pain in your head.  Constant headaches will lead to loss of productivity.  They could even cause you to turn to alcohol and or drugs to seek relief.  Don’t allow yourself to fall into that trap.  Take control over your headaches today.  Call Chiropractor Dr Marti Harris at Quay Health and schedule an appointment right away.  You’ll notice a significant decrease in headaches if you do.  Then, you’ll be able to get your life back.  All thanks to a doctor that you were originally afraid of.