Healing Thoughts

posture 2   Your belief system is critical because either you believe you were designed to be healthy or you believe that you were designed to be ill. I have had patients for many years who believed that having a headache every day and taking a 2 nurofens for that afternoon headache was normal. More than 80 percent of Australian experience low back pain is that “normal” too?  Just because everyone going through it, does that make it acceptable?  Whenever there is a virus going round at school, many of the children in my kid’s class get sent home because they become quickly affected. Yet why are there still some kids sitting in the same class, exposed to the virus and completely unaffected?  Are their immune systems working well enough to keep them healthy?

It’s not so much a matter of what’s going on in the external environment; it’s more about your internal environment. Belief in sickness can promote sickness but belief in health can promote health.

Think well to be well.

No one is born an optimist or a pessimist. Both are ways of thinking than can be learnt or unlearnt. It is possible to change your mind-set just like you change the kind of clothing you wear. You can learn to replace pessimistic thinking with optimistic thinking.

Your subconscious mind is responsible for 95 % of your habitual behaviour and responses, so it pays to be clear about your intention in your mind like concrete. Start believing that your body can self- heal, and you’ll start attracting health and healing.

Having a clear intention also means being doubt free. Expect god health. Believe it is yours already and act like you already have it. Act like an optimist. Expect good things and dream big.