Hot Stones Massage, Why it is so good for you in winter

Hot Stones Massage, Why it is so good for you in winter

There are many benefits from receiving a hot stone massage. At Quay Health in Sydney’s Circular Quay, it is one of our favourite massages.  Here we’re going to discuss just how good it is for you.  If it’s something that you’ve been wanting to do for some time.  Don’t put it off for another second.  It’s one of the best things you can do for both your mind and body.

Hot Stone Massage at Quay Health Sydney Circular Quay

The first benefit of receive a hot stone massage is the most obvious.  The hot stones make your muscles more relaxed.  That means your massage therapist can more effectively give you a deep tissue massage.  There are a whole host of benefits to this that we’ll get into throughout this article.  It’s one of the most reoccurring benefits of a hot stone massage.

Pain relief is one of the most important benefits of a hot stone massage.  The relaxed muscles allow the massage therapist to work their magic better.  Many people feel immediate relief once the massage is over.  Making this a drug-free pain relief method that’s actually good for your body.  As many of the over the counter and prescription pain relievers have serious side effects, it is great to be able to use massage to avoided the need for pain relievers.

Improved circulation is another benefit of hot stone massages.  Poor circulation can lead to fatigue.  This tenses up your muscles and causes build-up of fluid and lactic acid in the muscles.  Increased circulation will deliver more oxygen to the muscles.  Which will help ease aches and pains.  You’ll notice a difference the minute you step off the table.  You’ll feel more than just limber.  You’ll actually feel the improved circulation.  You’ll have a spring in your step because of it.

Then there’s the one benefit that everyone enjoys the most.  Especially those of you that are stressed out all the time.  A hot stone massage is extremely relaxing.  You’ll feel the stress melt away.  Every second will seem like it’s erasing a minute’s worth of stress.  You may even lose track of time.  It can be that relaxing.  There is simply no drug in the world that can reproduce this effect.

Along with stress reduction a hot stone massage can also improve your mental health.  Those who are experiencing depression or anxiety may notice a decrease after receiving a massage.  It should be noted that you can’t replace your current treatment with massage.  Instead, use it along side with your current treatment.  This way you can get the maximum benefits and improve your medical condition.

Massages are something people have enjoyed for thousands of years.  They’re a great way to improve your health and to simply feel better.  Make an appointment today to receive a hot stone massage at Quay Health.  It’ll do more than just improve your physical health.  It’ll also improve your mental health as well.  There is nothing else in this entire world that can do that.  You can achieve these health benefits without having to take a single drug.  All natural is the way to go.  That’s why you need to schedule yours today!

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