How to sit at your desk

How to sit at your desk

How to sit at your desk

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The buzz in Quay Health this week was around the arrival of our brand new ABCA seat wedges! The question was “how will this help my posture at my  desk?” These wedges that look like flattened out triangles, are designed to be sat on, with the fatter part under your bottom and the thinner part trailing down your thighs. They are designed this way to help change the structure of your lower back into the natural curve. When this happens the upper part of your back then naturally sits in it’s correct curve and makes it difficult to slouch. By tilting the hips, your joints stack as they were designed to. The posture wedge allows you to sit in a correct posture without much effort on your part.


To ensure that you get the full benefits of the seat wedge, make your desk space posture friendly. Bring your keyboard, mouse and telephone closer so that your elbows are positioned close to the sides of your body. In this way, when you get lazy at your desk it will be harder for you to slouch forward than if your elbows were a lot further away from your body.


Always remember to keep your screen around eye level and avoid keeping things you reach for too far away! Nothing beats postural breaks, so drink plenty of water to ensure those frequent toilet breaks, which give you a chance to stretch your legs and your spine!


Happy correct sitting every one!


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