Is it bad to crack your back?

Is it bad to crack your back?

It is bad to crack your back?


“To “crack” or “not to crack?’ That is the question.


If you constantly feel like you need to crack, it’s time to get yourself checked out!
“I always make my back “crack”, “it feels good”. If this is you, and you know exactly how to twist to make that one spot “crack” and you get relief from doing it, then you need to know that something else is going on.


back pain and cracking your spine Quay Health Chiropractor Sydney CBDWhen we injure our bodies or sit for too long hunched over, our body twists, and continues to add twists with every injury. At the crucial point of twist or compensation it is easier for us to make it “crack”.


This feels good, because it signals the same numbing pain pathway to the brain, just like a chiropractic adjustment does. The difference? Whereas a chiropractic adjustment is targeted to correct a misalignment in a particular direction, a crack you get from twisting your back means two things: first, that you are moving an area of compensation, not the cause of your pain! And, secondly, you are making that area of compensation worse, as you twist trying to achieve that crack.


Remember that getting chiropractic care allows you to rediscover the freedom to think, feel and move the way your body was designed to! So the answer is, don’t “crack” it if you feel like it and instead get your chiropractor to do it for you, in a safe and correct way.


Chiropractic adjustments correct mis-alignments in your spine that your body cannot self correct. This takes off added pressure on the spine, and removes the “weak links” in your spine that make you more prone to injury. Once these mis-alignments are removed, information runs freely with out interference along your spinal cord, to and from your brain.


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