Is Posture the Window to Your Health?

Is Posture the Window to Your Health?

We all want better health, and the ability to thrive day to day. Well into February and the motivation for some that began at the beginning of the year towards better health is still reasonably high. So before we get to burn out stage, and lose motivation due to our bodies just ‘not feeling right”, let’s shift our focus to our physical health.


We all know tGood-health-good-posture-300x300hat regular exercise and eating right is the way to go to stay feeling better. But have you considered yet the health of your spine? Everyday we see clients who can’t believe the effects that posture has on their health, and the huge impact it has on their everyday life. They feel more free and better able to deal with the stresses everyday living. Their outlook is generally more positive and their immune systems are stronger. Elite athletes never have slumped posture, whereas anybody with a serious system illness will not have proper structural integrity and almost certainly have a forward posture. We see that the body cannot perform at a high level if the body structure is not correct.


Chiropractic adjustments aimed at correcting posture, will allow you to to feel stronger in your own body. Truly feeling as you were created to feel, which is your spine holding you upright without effort on your part. Leaving you ready and able to tackle all of life’s daily changes with one less stress on your back.



Dr Aline Dahdah, Chiropractor

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