Lower Back Pain Stretches

Sydney CBD Osteopath Dr Abbey Davidson

Lower Back Pain Stretches

Do you experience Lower Back Pain?

Health professionals aim to provide more than just symptomatic relief of pain and stiffness.

The lower back and lumbopelvic region is a common area of pain for many people, with 70-80% of people experiencing this sort of pain at some point in their lives. Lower back pain can have a huge impact on an individual and can affect quality of life, however, there are ways to try decrease and control pain in this area.

Stretching and gentle aerobic exercises are a good way of trying to moderate lower back pain, as stretching can help increase the mobility in your lower back and help to modulate your pain. If you are experiencing ongoing lower back pain, we advise that you book an appointment with a health professional such as an Osteopath, Chiropractor or Physiotherapist, so that they can provide you with specific stretches and exercises that are specific for your pain. However, there are some generic stretches which you can do for your pain, all of which can be done from your home/office, without any equipment!


If you are a desk worker, there are a variety of stretches which can be performed while still at your desk which can be helpful in regulating pain in your lower back. In the following video, Sydney CBD Osteopath Dr Abbey Davidson demonstrates 4 easy stretches that you can do while at work to help with your pain.


There are also a variety of stretches that you can do from home without the use of equipment to help with your lower back pain. In the video below, Dr Abbey Davidson demonstrates 4 more stretches which can easily be done to stretch out the muscles in your lower back, buttock, hips and the back of the thighs.


For more information on pain in the lower back and lumbopelvic region, and what can be done to help with this pain, head to https://quayhealth.com.au/lumbopelvic-pain/, or click here. 


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