Massage Therapy, what is it all about?

Massage Therapy, what is it all about?

Are you a massage junkie, or have you never had a massage before?  Swedish Massage, Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Lymphatic Drainage????  What on earth are these styles of Massage Therapy?

Many people have misconceptions about what a Massage Therapist does and what happens during a massage.  Let’s try and cover some of those today.

Massage Therapy at Quay Health Circular Quay Sydney

At Quay Health we have 3 fantastic, very experienced, Massage Therapists; John Tran, Mariska Smits and Colleen Harris.  We offer all the styles of massage mentioned above.  Your massage therapist on the day will discuss with you your concerns and problems and will devise a treatment plan individually for you utilising all of their experience and skills.

Firstly lets cover what full body means.  In a full body massage you will be massage, using massage oil, on the back of your legs, your back,  neck and shoulders, arms, and front of the legs.  The therapist may also massage your face and upper chest pectoral region, or upper hip and gluteal/buttock region if indicated.  You will be covered or draped with towels or blankets so that only the part of your body being massaged will be exposed.  At Quay Health we use hot damp towels to remove any excess oil at the end of your treatment to allow you to dress and return to work.

Remedial Massage is a firm massage which will work into specific areas of concern for you, say your shoulder or hip.  While the majority of your body will be massaged, the problem spots will receive additional attention.  Additional therapies may be used including heat packs or stretching.

Swedish Massage is a general relaxation massage to the entire body using aromatherapy massage oils.  Great to destress and have some time out.

Reflexology is a massage which is applied to the feet only.  The idea being that the body is mapped out on the feet and by massaging certain areas of the feet you can have a reflex effect on that part of the body.  This is brilliant for when you have a lot of pain in an area and can’t stand for it to be touched or when you are not sure exactly what the cause of the problem is.  Deeply relaxing while being therapeutic.

Deep Tissue Massage uses a very firm to strong pressure during a full body massage.

Shiatsu Massage is a Japanese massage using pressure points through clothing.

Lymphatic Drainage is a very light style of massage with very little oil that concentrates on moving the lymphatic fluid through the body for elimination.  Great for swelling and inflammation.

Here is a short clip of Massage Therapist Mariska Smits talking with Chiropractor Dr Marti Harris about her background and types of massage.

If you have any questions regarding massage therapy or would like to know anything else, please post below or drop on into to see us.


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