Pregnancy Massage, the glowing benefits of pamerping yourself

Pregnancy Massage, the glowing benefits of pamerping yourself

While pregnancy is an amazing time in a women’s life, with a new life growing inside of her and her body doing amazing things.  It is also a time of discomfort, aches and pains for many women as her body adapts to the extra weight and fluid plus hormones such as relaxin make everything wobbly and unstable.

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Pregnancy Massage is a lovely way to pamper yourself during this time, however there is plenty of research to show that having a massage while pregnant will do more than just make you feel good. A massage while pregnant will reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, improve labour outcomes and newborn health.  So it is good for you and for baby.

Studies have shown that a women’s stress and relaxation hormones alter significantly when she receives a massage during pregnancy.  This will help to regulate moods and improve cadiovascular health.  These changes in hormone levels also led to fewer complications during birth and a decrease in complications for the newborn such as low body weight.

Swollen ankles are common in pregnancy, sometimes it is swollen everything.  This is due to reduced circulation and increased pressure on the major blood vessels.  Massage helps the lymphatic system removes this excess fluid.

Back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain and headaches can also be relieved during a pregnancy massage.  Your therapist will work on those areas causing you the most concern and helping to ease muscle tension and tighness,  aiming to help make the mum to be as comfortable as possible.

Insomnia is one of the most unpleasant side effects of pregnancy, with many women tossing and turning at night with a busy brain and trying to get comfortable.  A massage will not only give you an hour of peace during the day, but will help to improve your nightime sleep by reducing those stress hormones and easing the aches and pains.

At Quay Health we have three highly trained Massage Therapists who have massaged hundreds of pregnant women over many years.  Colleen Harris, Mariska Smits and Darren Geer (also an Acupuncturist) will ensure your massage experience while pregnant is a deeply relaxing but also beneficial experience.  We have a number of pregnancy pillow options to either lie you face down on your tummy or to massage you lying on your side and supporting your belly.  We use beautiful nourishing aromatherapy oils for the dry skin that so often comes with pregnancy.

Specialised massage during pregnancy can not only pamper you but also benefit both you and your precious baby.  Make sure you have a massage with a qualified and experienced remedial massage therapist.

You can book an appointment with one of Quay Health’s professional experienced massage therapists here

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