Quay Health is now under new management!

Quay Health is now under new management!

David Aboud Physiotherapist and OsteopathAs many of you may know, Quay health is under new management and I would like to formally introduce myself Dr David Aboud as the new director.

Briefly, I have worked in the musculoskeletal and back injury sector for 10 years, as an Osteopath and a Physiotherapist. I am a born and bred Melbournian but fell in love with Sydney three years ago when I moved here to complete my Doctor of Physiotherapy. As part of that program I was fortunate to be part of large scale back pain research and recently had a paper published in The Spine Journal (north America). I returned to Melbourne about 12 months ago and I was fortunate enough to manage a large CBD based practice, everything I learnt gave me the drive and motivation to pursue my own venture.

Quay health presented an excellent platform for me to utilise my experience in the industry, particularly working with CBD based populations and to reignite my love affair with Sydney. The Sydney CBD is one of the fastest redeveloping cities in the world, with major reconstruction and redevelopment taking place in the Wynyard and Circular Quay districts and the rapid growth in Barangaroo, we are in the heart of all the action!

I wanted to share my first realisation and observation of the Sydney CBD based population that differs from Melbourne. With the major mode of transport being train, bus or taxi/uber the streets are busy with people walking everywhere. Due to the trams in Melbourne, the streets are not as busy and people tend to hop on the free trams to get anywhere. This made me wonder what will happen when the light rail takes off early next year, will people opt to take the light rail from circular quay down to Mid-city or Town hall or will they still opt to walk? This is where my Osteo and Physio thinking cap tends to take over and makes me wonder what this will do to the general and musculoskeletal health of the Sydney CBD population.

My Advice as a Physiotherapist and Osteopath is that your 20-30 minute walk at lunch is invaluable for your overall health and I would strongly advice that if you are coming to visit us up at Quay Health or that you are simply popping out for a meeting or lunch, that you opt to walk. Walking is the simplest thing we can do for our general and musculoskeletal health.

Over many years I’ve been consulting clients, I find that their injury is generally related to small lifestyle factors like sitting too much, not moving enough and not participating in enough physical exercise. If you are suffering from back pain and would like to know more about what you can actively do to resolve this,  come visit us at Quay Health- I look forward to meeting you!

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