Sydney Osteopaths for Neck Pain

Neck Pain? You need an Osteopath in SydneyNeck Pain? You need an Osteopath in Sydney

What did you expect? You’ve been staring at your screen for hours! Your head is hunched forward, you’ve barely moved, and the muscles that are holding your head in place are simply fatigued- plain and simple. Is it any  wonder you’re in pain!

Neck pain is something that most of us will experience at some stage in our lives, however if you work behind a screen- it’s quite probably a daily if not weekly experience.

First of all the good news- chances are the pain you’re experiencing is simply ‘muscle fatigue’ pain- the muscles that hold your head up have simply reached their limit, and pain is their way of telling you to get up and move!

Take the hint- take more regular breaks, use a greater variety of positions when you do your work, and you’ll quite likely find that the pain you experience reduces.


If however the pain doesn’t go away, is present frequently, or is impacting your ability to focus on your work- maybe it’s time to get some help?!

If neck pain is affecting your day, you need to talk to an Osteopath.

Osteopaths are primary health care professionals who help people with neck pain  , back pain, joint pain, and a whole range of other aches and pains.

If you’re in Sydney, you’ll want to find an Osteopath in Sydney who can assess your neck and back, and determine what can be done to put and end to your aches and pains.

In summary- take more breaks, don’t put yourself in awkward work positions, and if pain persists, find an Osteopath!