The Age of Anxiety; Stress and Hypnotherapy

The Age of Anxiety; Stress and Hypnotherapy



anxiety hypnotherapy, self hypnotis, antonella franchini, quay health sydney cbdSome have called this the “Age of Anxiety”. The demands that we are struggling to meet in our everyday lives are increasing alongside our levels of stress. The sources of stress are numerous and inevitable. Hypnosis is a stres management tool that can help build relaxation skills and a sense of self-control through the use of self-hypnosis techniques. Managing anxiety effectively increases concentration, self-esteem and quality of life by improving sleep patterns and overall sense of wellbeing.



Simply knowing that you have the ability to relax deeply and re-organise your thoughts, feelings and behaviours can have a profound and powerful effect.


Imagine the freedom of feeling this way.



Too good to be true?




“How can Hypnosis help me? I’ve always been curious but don’t want to lose control and definitely don’t want to do anything against my will. How does Clinical Hypnotherapy differ from Stage Hypnosis?”


Our Clinical Hypnotherapist Antonella Franchini is offering a great opportunity for everyone who would like to ask questions and get an overview of how Hypnotherapy and Self Hypnosis skills have helped many people solve their issues. If you are struggling to quit smoking, feeling stressed and anxious, not sleeping properly or struggling to lose weight, then this is a perfect opportunity to come into a relaxed environment with no pressure, share a few nibbles and listen to Antonella explain Hypnosis, debunk some of the myths surrounding this enormously beneficial therapy and answer questions.  Antonella will also demonstrate a few simple hypnotic self-help skills that she is certain you will find useful and enjoyable.


WHERE: Quay Health, level 6, 10 Bridge Street Sydney
WHEN:    24th March 2016
                  5 – 6 pm
Simply book your place by calling  9252 2825