The Importance of a regular chiropractic check up

This week I went to see my dentist, Dr David, for my regular check-up.  I, like many of you, go to my dentist to ensure that everything is ok with my teeth and that my teeth are healthy and strong and will be there in years to come when I am old and grey as I don’t plan on gumming my food.  This concept of regular check ups makes so much sense as we all know that prevention is better than cure.  The dental association has educated all of us on the importance of good dental hygiene and we believe it because it makes sense and it works when we follow this advice.

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I moved my check-up forward as the last time I was in the chair the recession of my gums was continuing and I didn’t wish for it to continue.  On Dr David’s suggestion I changed a few simple things like brushing with less intensity and regular flossing was able to slow the recession down significantly.

We all know this concept of regular check-ups make good sense and usually prevents problems from becoming worse while saving time, energy, worry and money.   As a Chiropractor I believe everyone will benefit from a regular spinal hygiene check up.  Why is that the chiropractic profession who are the experts in good spinal hygiene sometime find this message falls on deaf ears?   Is it that people do not know what chiropractors are about,  that they do not understand that we can help assist many conditions that affect us on a daily basis?   Is it that they don’t know where to go to receive this kind of care?

Just like dentists now tell us that dental hygiene has an effect on our whole body and that gum disease is now linked to heart disease, so too poor spinal hygiene can also impact your overall health and wellbeing.  So what exactly is Spinal Hygiene?  Hygiene relates to the preservation of health.  As Chiropractors we aim to preserve the health of your spine and nervous system through regular maintenance.  Although our teeth are right in the middle of our face and so get all our attention, your spine is just as important to your overall health.  I often think as a Chiropractor that if people’s spines were on the outside of their body they would be more inclined to look after them.  Did you know your spine is vital as it plays two significant roles?  Firstly it helps us to stand tall, move well and feel great.  Secondly it protects our nervous system which is the master control system for us to have healthy happy lives.

If you have not had a spinal check up in a while or have never thought to do so, remember it is easier to replace teeth than it is to replace your spine.

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