The Nine Months Transformation – Pregnancy Massage

The Nine Months Transformation – Pregnancy Massage

The 9 Months transformation

Pregnancy massage and Maternity reflexology at Quay Health

The body is an incredible phenomenon. It finds way to adjust, reestablish balance and knows how the heal best. Being a woman creating a new life can be added to that wondrous list.

Pregnancy is a very exciting and precious time. While inside your bubba is building its little palace, you are creating the best living environment for your new arrival to grow and develop.  A nine months transformation is a team effort.

There are always plenty of reasons so see a massage or reflexology therapist. If you’ve never had a massage or reflexology session before being pregnant this is the best time to change that!

Why?  To stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy.

Many women can find relief by getting a relaxing massage. It sooths the nervous system, lower stresses that your body goes through including decreasing the stress hormone cortisol and supports your body to repair and calm. It is an excellent way to alleviate a range of symptoms or target specific complaints.

Especially in the first weeks a lot is happening and your body goes through a lot of specific changes to accommodate baby, making you very tired or give you a lack of energy. This development means re adjusting the hormonal balance and altering the body which can lead to lots of ailments in the months to come.


Taking time out in the form of a therapeutic relaxing massage gives your body time to care for itself and helps you to cope better with the aches, pains and discomforts and may assist with low blood pressure, light headedness or fainting. While reflexology can try to reduce symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and decreased appetite.

From the second and third trimester, remedial massage can target specific complaints such as; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, neck, chest and back aches and pains, pain around hips, pelvis and sacrum or sciatic nerve pain including radiation into the front or the legs or legs cramps.

Not to mention re-energizing you and helping you sleep better. Reflexology, like no other, creates a state of wellbeing helping you sink into a deep state of relaxation. Wonderful when you are extremely fatigued and need a break or a good nap.

Even after given birth it can help you to restore your natural balance and feel you again.

With a background as a maternity nurse Mariska Smits has always been fascinated in the ‘miracle of life and looks forward to guiding and supporting you through the 9 months transformation as comfortable as possible.

Besides all the things to think about what’s best for the baby, get a massage or your feet treated! Not just for you but also for your baby.

Come and see Mariska at Quay Health and see how you can benefit.

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