AxIT: What is an AxIT assessment?

By Sydney CBD Osteopath Dr Marcus Ng

When you are at the gym performing a functional movement, like a squat, how do you know you are producing symmetrical force through both legs? AxIT is a tool which can take the guess work out of strength testing. 

What is the AxIT system? Why do we use AxIT functional screening? Who is AxIT functional screening for? When do we use AxIT functional screening? How is AxIT Screening performed? In this article we aim to answer all your questions about this new technology we have in the Sydney CBD clinic.

AxIT assessment tools can be used to objectively strength test
Source: Strength By Numbers

What is the AxIT System?

The AxIT System is a set of hardware and software technology designed to objectively measure, track and monitor the strength and stability progress of an individual.

The hardware uses force plate technology to measure the force generated by the body as it moves through space. The equipment consists of three different pieces; The Stomp-IT, Push-IT & Pull-IT (pictured) which when used in combination, can measure just about any movement that the body can perform.

The AxIT System provides objective data on what would normally be difficult information to gauge about strength and movement.  Specifically, we can measure how strong you are (peak force) and how fast you can produce that force (rate of force).

The peak force is how much force you can generate in any given movement.

The rate of force is how fast you can generate that force, in addition, the ability to sustain a contraction can also be identified.

We can also identify any asymmetries that may be present between your left and right side. All of which are critical information to have in order to progress through your treatment and exercise rehab.

The software is able to plot the forces in an easy-to-understand graph so the information can be interpreted and transformed into an accurate treatment, rehab and strengthening program. In a clinical setting; AxIT system as a diagnostic tool has never been available and affordable to the general public until now and we are thrilled to be able to provide this service for our clients.  

Why do we use AxIT functional screening?

We use AxIT functional screening because it gives our physio’s, osteo’s, chiro’s and podiatrist’s measurable, objective data that they can use to incorporate into their subjective interpretation of movement quality and movement patterns. Having both sets of information will ultimately allow our clinicians to provide you with the best outcomes in rehab and in performance.  Essentially, AxIT is a diagnostic tool that quantifies the quality of movement that previously a clinician could only observe.

Force plate technology used to be reserved for high-level athletes who had access to a sport science lab. It gave excellent insight into how an athlete could improve their motor patterns leading to improved performance. Using the same principle; the AxIT system now allows us to have access to such data in a clinical setting, giving us a better insight into how we can best provide a treatment plan for our clients.

Quay Health is the only Sydney CBD clinic with The AxIT System and our team of clinicians are all trained in performing the AxIT functional screening.

Physio assesses lunge movement using functional axit screening technology in Sydney CBD

Who is AxIT functional screening for?

AxIT screening is suitable for everyone! From rehabilitation of an injury, to improving sporting performance. If you are someone who is goal orientated, this is the perfect assessment tool to help us track your progress.

Example 1 – Someone with poor posture, rounded shoulders, sits at a desk too long: AxIT screening can identify rotator cuff imbalance, weakness in middle back, overactive upper trapezius.

Example 2 – Someone with reoccurring neck pain: Once symptomatic relief is achieved, addressing the contributing factor to prevent it from reoccurring is crucial.

Example 3 – Weekend warrior wanting to excel in your sport? AxIT can definitely help… Knowing where the areas of improvements can be made is vital to achieving your sporting goals.

Example 4 – Elderly who want to improve fall prevention. AxIT can identity the areas of weakness in strength and proprioception deficiency.

Example 5 – Elite athletes or marathon runner? AxIT can definitely help identify those 1% weaknesses to get you achieving your BPs.

In all the examples, AxIT functional screening can highlight the areas that require improvements and your clinician can then apply an appropriate treatment plan.

When do we use AxIT functional screening?

We use AxIT to know where to start; it gives us a baseline. From there we can give you the road map to achieving your goals!

Establishing a baseline is necessary to identify which areas need the most attention. Thereafter, consistent treatment and rehab is essential in progression. There is no true improvement without active participation and AxIT will objectively measure your progression from baseline to re-assessment periodically to achieve your treatment goals.

You are far more likely to stick with your treatment program when you can see your improvements plotted on a graph through time (eg: 4-6weeks). It keeps you motivated and holds you accountable!

Axit force plate assessment for deadlift movement

How is AxIT Screening performed?

There are over 200 tests the AxIT System can perform and we can tailor it to each individual clients needs and desired outcomes. However, we have handpicked 12 that we feel gives us a very good starting point for a whole-body assessment for the general population. These tests include:

  1. Squat Normal
  2. Lunge Pause
  3. Push Up Normal
  4. Athletic Shoulder 135°
  5. Mid Thigh Pull
  6. Spinal Rotation
  7. Shoulder IR 0°
  8. Shoulder ER 0°
  9. Spinal Lateral Flexion
  10. Shoulder Abduction
  11. Hip Flexion
  12. Hip Abduction

As you can see from the video, the AxIT system will measure the forces in real-time and plot it on a graph. The 12-step screen is designed to test how strong and fast you can contract against immoveable resistance (isometric contraction).

If you would like to try an AxIT screen book in with one of our osteopath’s, physiotherapists, chiropractor’s or podiatrists today.

Physio perfomrs axit assessment for deadlift in Sydney CBD health clinic
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