What is Telehealth?

Quay Health in now offering Telehealth Consultations!

Why introduce Telehealth?

In today’s climate the government is advocating the use of Telehealth appointments to minimise face-to-face interactions where possible, thereby reducing the risk and spread of COVID-19

What is a telehealth appointment? Who is telehealth for? What do I need for a  telehealth consultation? Is Telehealth effective? How much does a telehealth appointment cost? Is telehealth covered by health fund or Medicare? How do I book a telehealth appointment? In this blog we answer all of your telehealtlh related questions.

As an Allied Health Care Clinic with physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathic and podiatry services we continue to be deemed an “Essential Service” by the Australian Government. We will remain open and available to treat clients in person where necessary.

However, the provision of telehealth services will enable a solution for our clients in need of musculoskeletal help and advice. They can continue to receive quality health care whilst protecting both the patient and the health care professional from the safety of their own home.

Steven Tran chiro on telehealth call

What is a Telehealth appointment?

A telehealth appointment is conducted in the same manner as your standard face-to-face consultation, except, online! With the help of the same room video conferencing, you’ll feel like you’re in the same room. Your chiro, physio or osteo will be able to ask questions, observe and assess your movements effectively, through the camera, with access to some neat screen sharing tools that we can use to help educate, prescribe exercises and present to you the right treatment strategy to ensure a full recovery.

Who is Telehealth for?

Telehealth appointments are available for all Australians and is particularly important for those who at this point in time are immuno-compromised, the elderly, those in self isolation or those whose are unable to attend the clinic for any reason amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

What do I need for a Telehealth Consultation?

All you need is:

  • You!
  • Phone or computer/laptop with a webcam
  • Working internet connection
  • Space for assessment and to go through exercises.

Is Telehealth Effective?

Countless studies provide evidence to suggest that in most cases, a thorough history, assessment and great clinical reasoning skills are key to designing an effective treatment plan that is as good as, if not better than, a standard face-to-face consultation.

Without a doubt however, manual therapy does have its place and will be a necessary means of treatment for certain individuals, particularly those with injuries that are irritable and/or acute. With this in mind, we will continue to provide face-to-face appointments in the clinic on a case-by-case basis.

At Quay Health we believe it is the guidance and advice from our expert health professionals that accounts for most of our long term success with our patients. This includes providing helpful recommendations on appropriate load management, activity modification and exercise prescription that will result in the greatest and most sustainable outcome for your recovery.

We are confident that our Telehealth appointments will effectively deliver the same quality of service that you are very familiar with!

Steven Tran chiro demonstrating shoulder anatomy over telehealth call

How much does a telehealth appointment cost?

Telehealth appointment will be available to you at the reduced rate of $80.00 for all types of telehealth consultations. This includes chiropractic, physiotherapy and osteopathic services.

We are honoured and grateful that you value our time and commitment to help you be at your absolute best.

To help ensure you continue to remain raving fans, our practitioners are committed to working hard around the clock to devise a comprehensive treatment plan with rehab and exercise programs that will not only cater to your immediate injury needs, but will also be fun and enjoyable to complete in the comfort of your own home.

In addition, we will continue to add value by offering a more interactive experience. We can integrate your exercises and rehab program into a dedicated app that allows you to track your progress, gives your practitioner access to your results and provides an open avenue to ask questions on the fly through the app’s instant messaging capabilities.

Staying fit, health and injury free has never been easier!

PhysiApp used to health telehealth appointments to prescirbe exercise

Is Telehealth covered by health fund or medicare?

  • Medicare

You will just need a referral from your GP.

  • Private Health

Some funds will provide benefits from Tuesday 14 April 2020 under certain conditions. We are yet to be advised of which funds will participate.

More info to come!

How do I book a Telehealth appointment?

Call us on

(02) 9252 2825


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By Steven TranSydney CBD Chiropractor

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