Working out the cause of headaches and migraines

Working out the cause of headaches and migraines

Neck Pain and Headaches is what we treat every day at Quay Health.  It is estimated that 25% of the population will have recurrent severe headaches. Last week we had a new patient come in to see us at Quay Health, we will call her Claire.  Claire is a 45 year old executive who works full time as well as being a mother of 2.  Claire was concerned about her constant headaches as they made it difficult for her to concentrate at work most afternoons and regularly sent her to bed on weekends.   She was also concerned about her posture from sitting in front of a computer terminal for hours every day. She has noticed that her shoulders are becoming quite rounded and feels she cannot move her head and neck as freely as she used to.

Chiropractic can help headaches at Quay Health Sydney CBDOne of the first tests we did with Claire was to use our new DorsaVi Neck Live Assessment.  This is a simple but innovative computerised test, which assesses the movement and function in a person’s neck.


Restricted or painful movement is a common symptom of many cervical and upper thoracic conditions.    A ViMove Neck Live Assessment enables Chiropractor Dr Marti Harris  to precisely measure the upper body spinal range of movement.


This Neck Assessment is appropriate for use in any cervical condition where movement is affected including mechanical (non-specific) neck pain, cervical radiculopathy, cervicogenic headaches, whiplash, acute torticollis (wry neck) and degenerative neck conditions (arthritis, cervical spondylosis). A Neck Live Assessment can also be used as a screening test to assess movement and postural problems which are risk factors for developing neck, upper thoracic and even arm pain.


At Quay Health we treat so many clients who suffer from on-going headaches and neck pain, we find that a ViMove Neck Live Assessment is particularly relevant for people who spend a substantial amount of time sitting and working on screens in a corporate environment.


The precise information that the ViMove Neck Live Assessment provides allows us to accurately see which segments of the neck are working well and which areas need help to improve movement and function.  Knowing this, our chiropractors can then create a treatment plan which is personalised to meet individual needs and help re balance the body. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that we can address your specific problem and help give you a personalised care program rather than being  given a generalised treatment plan for neck and upper body pain which may not even help treat your symptoms.


Using the ViMove Live Neck assessment on Claire allowed Quay Health’s principal Chiropractor Dr Marti Harris to pinpoint exactly where her neck pain and headaches were steaming from.  From this, we have been able to help Claire work to correct her posture and combined with gentle chiropractic adjustments Claire has now been headache free for a week.


If constant headaches and diminishing posture sounds like something you experience on a daily basis, make an appointment to see Quay Health’s Chiropractor Dr Marti Harris  and let us help you create a stronger, healthier, pain free version of yourself.

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